Why You Should Create Show Notes For Your Podcast

Do you want to know a top secret of how to get your podcast noticed and grow a strong audience? - By creating show notes!

As a podcaster, you should know that putting out amazing audio content is just the beginning. Audio files can’t be found through search engines and if you want to reach out to more listeners and have people find out about your podcast, creating dynamic and interesting show notes is the secret sauce.

You’ve heard the phrase “content is king,” right? The reason many podcasts gain popularity and loyal listeners are because they continue to push out relevant content that their listeners are interested in and they can consume regularly. The best of the best in the podcast game do a great job of finding ways to connect with their audience and build their brand through show notes.

I know what you’re thinking, “I already spend enough time creating one episode by coming up with topics, scheduling a guest, and post production.” Okay, that’s great, but don’t you want people to listen to it? You should treat your podcast like a brand and show notes provide great value to help grow that brand and keep listeners coming back for more. So, don’t be lazy, take the time to create detailed show notes and we promise it will pay off in the end.

Here are the many reasons why you should be providing great show notes to help benefit your podcast.

Give listeners easy access to more content

Don’t just settle for audio content. Show notes create more content about each episode and bring listeners to your website to gain more access to your show. You can share links to articles, videos, guest information, images, and other consumable content from each show that will help promote your podcast.

Get discovered through SEO

Your podcast won't show up in Google if all you have is audio, but you know what does? Words and sentences! That’s why you need to create written content that highlights specific keywords from your show and gets your podcast to rank higher in search engines. Plus, all that extra traffic means more new listeners.

Quickly build interest for your podcast

As much as you want listeners to click “play” right away, show notes are typically the first thing listeners will see about your show and get them interested. Highlight what your show is about and that will help listeners tune in.

Stay engaged with your listeners

Show notes build trust with your listeners, it tells them what they can expect from your show and each episode and it can lead to them interacting with you and sharing your content. It can also lead them to past episodes and have them discover more content about your show.

Grow your audience with shareable content

Every podcaster wants to grow their audience and with show notes, you give them an opportunity to share content such as video, quotes, images, and links via social media, which means access to more listeners and potential subscribers.

Opportunity to monetize your content

Believe it or not but your podcast has potential to make you money and everyone loves earning money. A key way to do this is to gain sponsorships and when you produce strong show notes with a lot of engaging content, the more opportunity outside businesses will want to sponsor your show.

Help build a loyal fanbase

Don't focus just on your download numbers, worry about being accessible to your listeners and turning them into permanent subscribers. One episode you may get a lot of listeners and the next you get half the audience. When you create show notes, you have content that listeners can follow and have a way listeners can find you. Keep providing content and the subscribers will follow.

Added promotion for guests and sponsors

Getting your podcast noticed and growing your audience not only helps your show but benefits your guests and sponsors as well. Show notes can visually highlight your guests and sponsors and help grow their audience by promoting more information or exclusive offers.

Keep past episodes relevant and searchable

Wouldn’t it be great if you had listeners go back and listen to past episodes? Well, guess what? An easy way to make this happen is with show notes. They allow your content to be permanent on the web and people can come across it while searching the internet. Remember, audio files don't show up in Google, you need some type of transcript for it to be found and that starts with detailed show notes.

A new way to reach out to your listeners and subscribers

Show notes are very shareable compared to just your audio. Include an email sign-up list in show notes and create an email newsletter that you can send out to listeners with brief descriptions of the episode and other exclusive content. It’s another great way to stay engaged with your audience.

Better Organize your show’s content

You don’t want to put a full transcript of your show on your website or in your show notes, it’s kind of weird and listeners won’t read all of it. Show notes help you create headlines and break down what you talked about in a more user-friendly format. This makes it easier for listeners to see what the show is about and see if they want to listen.

Bring listeners to your website

Your website is your home on the internet and this is where all your content will be consumed. Your videos, email list sign-up, blogs, sponsorships, products you’re selling, all of this can be found on your website and show notes are a great way to get listeners to see it.

Show notes are the best investment you can make for your podcast. Period.

So, now do you understand why you should take the time to create show notes and how it only can help your podcast? Remember, recording your podcast is just the start of building your brand. Show notes make sure your podcast and content are relevant, engaging, permanent, and searchable - They are the best friend to every amazing podcast.