Notecastr is Free to Use – Get Started with 3 Quick Steps

Enter details about your podcast. Add links to your podcast feed, social accounts, website and support pages like Patreon or Paypal.

Step 1 - Create an Account at Notecastr

Add an Episode. Add a title and description and link to your MP3. Add guest info and photo, plus links to social accounts and podcast sponsors.

Step 2 - Add Episode Details

Add notes for your episode using our easy show notes template. Embed YouTube vidoes, photos, and products mentioned in the episode.

Step 3 - Add podcast show notes for each of your episodes
"Notecastr is a great new tool for us to connect with our listeners. For all the crazy things we talk about on our show, we can now easily show them links, photos, videos and more with Notecastr. Setting up show notes is easy and our listeners love it."