Dogs in Our World

Hosted by Adam Winston

A show that explores the history, science, and importance of the dogs in our world.
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Jim Ha: Dogs and Science S01E10

Guest(s): Dr. Jim Ha - In the season finale of Dogs in Our World, Adam Winston ends his journey by learning from another one of his favorite people. Dr. Jim Ha is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and professor at University of Washington. His early research focused on wild animals, but now all of his work and teaching centers around the animals in our home, such as dogs and cats. In Part 1 of their conversation, Adam learns that we actually know a lot less about dogs than many other animals. Dr. Jim Ha also claims that this continued lack of canine science could eventually lead to a public health hazard. Check out Adam’s new services page to see how he can help your dog or organization. Join the audience at *Music donated by Dave Elkins and Travis Adams

Ann Howie: Dogs and Therapy - S01E09

Guest(s): Ann Howie - Adam Winston travels to Olympia, WA to meet with Ann Howie. She wrote the book on working with therapy dogs and people. As a Clinical Social Worker, Ann often incorporates dogs into her treatment plans for people. Listen to this episode as Adam discovers more about the therapeutic value of domestic dogs.

William Secord: Dogs and Art - S01E08

Guest(s): William Secord - William Secord is the authority on dog paintings from the past and present. He is the author of many books on the subjects of dogs and art. Mr. Secord's art gallery, in New York City, is a treasure trove of the world's finest historical depictions of dogs. In this episode, Adam Winston learns how art history can teach us more about the dogs in our world. Join the audience at Leave us a rating and review on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud or Stitcher.
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Special Report: Dogs and Sport - S01E07

Guest(s): Maggi McClure, Ian Caldicott, Lori Chamberlain, Dick Wilson - In this special edition of Dogs in Our World, Adam Winston takes you to the Vashon Sheepdog Classic. This 4-day competition is a breathtaking display of the dog-human connection. Meet the people who continue to teach Adam about the dogs in our world. Join the audience at Leave a rating and review in iTunes so other people can find the show. Support the show by visiting the donation page at *Music donated by Dave Elkins.
Vashon Sheepdog ClassicSportsDog Training

Temple Grandin: Dogs and Autism - S01E06

Guest(s): Temple Grandin - Temple Grandin is one of Adam’s biggest heroes and favorite humans. This nearly unedited interview was recorded in a cabin on Vashon Island off the coast of Seattle. In this special episode of Dogs in Our World, Dr. Grandin teaches Adam more about dogs and people. She also helps him better understand the Autism Spectrum and offers advice to those of us who have a family member with an autism label. Listen to this episode and learn from one of the biggest names in the world of animal science and autism awareness. Dr. Grandin has a lot to share about how both animals and humans think. Special thanks to Travis Adams, Margaret Schermer, Penny Pickering Bolton, and Julie Forbes. Music Donated by Dave Elkins

Julie Forbes: Dogs and Leadership- S01E05

Guest(s): Julie Forbes - Julie Forbes teaches Adam how dogs can help us be better leaders. Julie is a dog trainer, radio host, podcaster, and soon-to-be published author. Listen to the two talk about why leadership is necessary. Julie also shares with Adam the importance of motivation, self-awareness, and being present. Get in touch with your personal power by listening to this episode of Dogs in Our World. *Music Donated by Dave Elkins
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Adam P. Karp: Dogs and Law – S01E04

Guest(s): Adam P. Karp - Adam P. Karp teaches Adam Winston about dogs and the law. Mr. Karp is one of the leading animal law attorneys in the country. He also authored the comprehensive book Understanding Animal Law. Join your host, Adam Winston, as he continues to ask the bigger questions about the dogs in our world. Leave us a rating and comment in iTunes or whichever podcast service you use. You can also learn more and make a donation at *Music Donated by Dave Elkins

Steven Hales: Dogs and Philosophy – S01E03

Guest(s): Steven Hales, PH.D - Dr. Steven Hales is a professor and author of the book What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Dog. In the third episode of Dogs in Our World, Dr. Hales teaches Adam about dogs and philosophy. Join the audience at Help new listeners find the show by leaving a comment in iTunes or in the comment section of this episode at

Mark Derr: Dogs and History – S01E02

Guest(s): Mark Derr - Adam talks with author Mark Derr about the history of dogs in North America. This episode explores the gritty beginning of dogs in the United States. Can we learn about ourselves by examining the history of dogs? Signup for the DIOW Newsletter at *Music donated by Dave Elkins.

In the Beginning: Adam Learns About Wolves and Dogs – S01E01

Guest(s): Erik Wilber - In the debut episode of DOGS IN OUR WORLD, Adam Winston travels to Wolf Haven International in Tenino, WA to learn more about wolves and dogs. This three-part episode examines the history of wolves in North America, popular theories regarding the domestication of dogs, and how we should view dogs when looking to wolves. Are we part of the pack, or something more? Listen to this episode and tell us what you think by visiting *Music donated by Dave Elkins.