Podcasting was invented 2004, and since then the experience hasn’t changed much, especially for the listener. At Notecastr we are driven by innovation and we’re on a mission to power the next evolution in podcasting.

By giving podcasters a platform to compliment their audio with visual and compelling show notes, the podcasting experience becomes more dynamic, useful and reaches more people. We help podcasters create more content for their fans while also increasing the distribution of their content to a new and larger audience.

Notecastr is also a destination for podcast listeners to find and engage with the most memorable content from the podcasters they follow. Show notes powered by Notecastr highlight the people, places, products, photos, videos, quotes, articles and links mentioned in a podcast episodes, all in one place.

Our goals are simple — To make podcast content:

More Visual
More Engaging
More Accessible
More Valuable

Created for podcasters and their fans, we hope you enjoy as we bring a new and exciting element to the world of podcasting.

-The Notecastr Crew