Episode 3 - An In-Depth Look At Fees -(with Michael Episcope of Origin Investments)

Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Investing Podcast

Episode 3 - An In-Depth Look At Fees -(with Michael Episcope of Origin Investments)

Show Notes

What I like about real estate is that it's an inefficient asset class and it's one of the last few remaining asset classes out there because it hasn't been commoditized. Every building is different.

~ Michael Episcope
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You can have two people with the same information but vastly different outcomes.

~ Michael Episcope on Behavioral Finance
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Origin Fund III offers accredited investors the opportunity to participate in Origin's latest fund which will be a continuation of its two prior funds that have been ranked in the top decile (top 10%) for investment performance relative to its peers by Preqin, an industry leader in tracking private equity real estate investment manager performance.
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Origin Fund III Webinar
Origin Principal Michael Episcope reviews Origin's strategy, track record, latest fund and the current assets in the fund.
Via: Origin Investments
Great article by Michael explaining how to evaluate fees in private equity real estate funds.
Risk Adjusted Returns
Top Three Risks:

1. Business Plan Risk
2. Financial and Leverage Risk
3. Sector Risk
Breakdown of Fund Fees
A good look at industry and Origin fees.
Breakdown of Fund Fees
Via: Property Metrics
A good look at waterfall fee structures.

Real wealth in this industry is created through a multiple on equity.

~ Michael Episcope on IRR vs Multiples
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Via: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Is the current recovery more likely to end because it’s lasted so long? Have various imbalances and rigidities accumulated to make the economy frailer and more susceptible to a recessionary shock? Recent history suggests the answer is no. Instead, a long recovery appears no more likely to end than a short one. Like Peter Pan, recoveries appear to never grow old.