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Healthy Lifestyle Show is all about living life naturally with healthy lifestyle choices for right veggies, fruits and herbs. Life is more fun when you are healthy. We make life better & healthy with healthy lifestyle show!
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Galangal, the Spice of Life – Amazing Herbs Podcast

Guest(s): Jay Author - Galangal, the spice of life is a root that looks like a ginger and tastes like a ginger but it is not as spicy as ginger is. Galangal root is used a lot in the Thai curries, soups and stews. It is also used in the Moroccan, Middle Eastern, South-East Asian and Indian cooking.
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Fennel, the World’s Healthiest Food – Amazing Herbs Podcast

Guest(s): Jay Author - Fennel has been known to our ancestors for ages and this podcast will share all about the top Health Benefits! Do you know that Fennel has been used for home remedies and Mediterranean dishes since the ancient times? Like many other spices, Fennel has so many health benefits that some people call it the World's Healthiest Foods. Keep listening to our podcast to learn more!
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Bermuda Grass for Health – Amazing Herbs Podcast with Jay Author

Guest(s): Jay Author - In Ayurveda, Bermuda grass is known as the king of all grasses. In some parts of South Asia, it's juice is taken every morning for general health and losing weight. You can also blend Bermuda grass with palm sugar with your smoothie to detox your body. In fact some mothers give this to their kids for rejuvenating their health.
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