Why Hate the Koch Brothers? (Part 1)

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Why Hate the Koch Brothers? (Part 1) Listen

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We’re increasingly headed, under both Republicans and Democrats, toward a system of control, dependency, cronyism, pitting individuals and groups against each other and destroying opportunity and progress.

~ Charles Koch's worry about America's future
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Home of Charles Koch
An overview of the history of Koch Industries, America's second-largest privately owned company, and how it made the Koch Brothers billions of dollars.

You can tell the Dutch, but you can’t tell him much.

~ Fred Koch, father of Charles Koch
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What my vision for a good society is what we call a free and open society. Liberated people can do amazing things. They’re productive, innovative and entrepreneurial.

~ Charles Koch
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In an organization, you need to create value, first of all, for your customers. Then you need to create value for your employees and partners. Then you need to create value for society at large.

~ Charles Koch
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The Basics of Market Based Management
(as described by Charles Koch)

Market-based management has five dimensions: vision, virtue and talents, knowledge processes, decision rights and incentives. When you put that together in an integrated package, it gives leaders and everybody in the company a toolkit to solve problems and capture opportunities. A critical part of our management philosophy is building what we call a ‘challenge culture.’ We find that’s one of the biggest problems in acquisitions we make. In many of them, if you challenge your boss, it really hurts your career. Here, if you don’t challenge your boss — not to show how smart you are or be clever, but because you see a problem in what’s being done or you have a better idea — if you don’t challenge, you’re not really doing your job.

If you’re here as a leader at any level and your people aren’t challenging you, you’re obviously not a good leader because they’re intimidated, you haven’t encouraged them, you haven’t rewarded them, they’re afraid they’ll be put down or look stupid.

~ Charles Koch on leadership in Market-Based Management
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The four core institutions in society as listed by Charles Koch
1. Education
2. Communities
3. Business and Government
4. Determination
Via: The New Yorker
They are championing criminal-justice reform and starting initiatives for the poor. But has their formula really changed?
Dark Money: Jane Mayer on How Koch Bros. & Billionaire Allies Funded Rise of the Far Right
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